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Bethel Friends & Family Fellowship Dinners
Dinners are normally on the 2nd and 4th Wed. nights, 6-7pm

  1. Hospitality Dinner, 2nd Wednesday, 6pm, resumes in September.
    The Hospitality Team's delicous meal will be at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall. The cost is $5/person with a $20/family cap.
  2. 4th Wednesday Fellowship Meal, 6pm Resumes in September. It is served at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall. The cost is $5/person with a $20/family cap.
  3. Schedule for the 4th Wed Hosts:

    January - No Dinner
    February - LIPS
    March - Youth
    April - GIFTS
    May - Christian Fellowship Class
    June - New Founders
    July - No Dinner
    August - No Dinner
    September - LIPS
    October - Christian Fellowship Class
    November - No Dinner
    December - No Dinner

Bethel's Weekly Communal Prayer
Please join us from your home every Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. as we lift to God prayers for our Bethel Church Family.


Maker Fun Factory VBS is coming up on July 10 - 13. Please sign up to volunteer and bring your children, grandchildren and their friends! Looking forward to seeing you there.
Come and meet the crew - Bubba, Abbee, Decker and Tina! First we meet in the Chapel for some fun and worship, then dinner in the Fellowship Hall, then we're off and running to Storytime, Movietime, Hands-on-time, Recreation time, wrapping up with music and worship.

New Bible Studies

Monday Night Bible Study
Watch for a new study, coming up on Monday nights, 7pm.

With the new year here, we will challenge ourselves to read the Bible though the year. Please pick up a printed reading chart from the Narthex. You ca also follow the chronological reading plan on www.biblegateway.com. They have several Bible translations available as well. You may even sign up for an email of the daily Bible readings.

It's that time again, but this time with a twist – Valentine Balloons and Bingo!
The Bethel Youth Department will be selling Valentine Balloons in the Narthex for $1 per balloon. Also, we are adopting the Jonesboro Rehabilitation Center and Nursing Home, and we invite you all to join us in this effort. When you purchase your balloons for your loved ones, please consider adding an additional $l or $2 to purchase a balloon for a resident at the Jonesboro Facility. The Youth will deliver these balloons, and we will also host a Game Night there. Please help us in this Outreach effort and put a smile on someone's face!

Why send a Valentine Balloon? Thank someone for their friendship. Thank someone for their service at church or in the community. Tell someone how kind they are, or how much you appreciate a particular thing about them. No matter what you put, or don't put on the heart, a donation will still go to our youth program. And that is something to celebrate! And if you give an extra dollar or two, then folks at Jonesboro Rehab Center will join in the celebration! A Win! Win! Send one. Send five. Send twenty! Go for it! Any questions, check with Lahronda. Otherwise, get your balloons after each service in January.

MISSIONS: Important dates for those going to Honduras this year
The Mission Team went downtown on Saturday, November 19th and had a wonderful time handing out sandwich bags, blankets, scarves, gloves and clothes to the people in need. They ministered to us as much as we ministered to them. We do this once a quarter, and if you have not participated in this you are really missing out on a wonderful way to show God's love to people who desperately need to see it. Be sure to save your toiletry items, coats, blankets etc. for the next time we go, because it will still be cold and they will need these items to help them survive on the streets. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask one of the Mission Team members and they will be glad to give you reassurance and answers to you questions.

January 8, 2017- Second $25.00 deposit is due.
June 8, 2017 to June 15, 2017—Trip to Honduras

Seasoned Saints - Feb 21, Details to Come
We will take a little break in January and resume our monthly luncheon on February 21, 2017. See you then!

Bethel Book Review of the Month

What Are YOU Reading ?

In this true account, Praying For Strangers, River Jordan tells the tale of one year in her life, perhaps the most difficult year of her life: both of her sons were deployed - one to Iraq, one to Afghanistan. Jordan managed to do a single thing during this year. She prayed for strangers. It began as a New Year's resolution. She prayed for people she met at the supermarket. She prayed for people she met waiting in line to pay a bill. She prayed for construction workers she passed. And for the most part, not only did she pray for them, but she also told them about it.

Praying for Strangers is about prayer, but also about human kindness. The act of a stranger telling you they will be praying for you turns your day around. Jordan brought her resolution to people of all creeds, colors, religions, and economic statuses, and every single one thanked her.

What are YOU reading? Send your book review to the office (email or in the mail slot) for review for the February newsletter.

Foster Care Opportunities – From Support to Fostering
There is a need for more foster care homes in Georgia. Children who are placed with the Department of Children's Services find themselves living in hotels among strangers because foster homes are unavailable. Often children from the northern counties find themselves in the southern counties due to the lack of foster care homes in their areas of residence. This leads to further instability as children are made to change schools.

The United Methodist Children's Home would like to partner with the local churches in responding to this need. We can become involved in this ministry by choosing to foster parent or by volunteering time or resources in support of foster families.

Contact the church office if you'd like to discuss this with someone.

Choir Notes


What a wonderful season we have just celebrated, from the beginning of Advent through Christmas Eve and the beautiful candle lighting service.

We began December with an arrangement of "Waiting", signifying God's people in Bible times and today, waiting for their King and Savior. We also had a wonderful cantata, featuring the Chancel Choir, along with a drama group with very handsome new costumes. Our youngsters were dressed as stars, and led the kings to the manger. Thanks to all who participated in this event.

On December 18th, a group of 16 youth and adults joined together in caroling for some of our church members at the Jonesboro nursing home and the Benton House. For those who have memory challenges, music, especially singing, has a very good effect on them. When we visited those areas we were delighted that the residents sang along with us - we even received applause! God is good!

On Christmas Eve, we questioned "How far is it to Bethlehem?" and answered with "Not very far". Christmas day was on Sunday this year, and we reverently sang "Sleeping Adonai" as we celebrated the birth of the Christ Child and sang carols.

It was also a blessing during the Living Nativity to invite the visitors into the sanctuary to see the tree and receive information about the Crismons. And even though it was really cold, the carolers gave it their best! And of course, Carolyn's hot chocolate was well received.

May you have a God filled New Year.

Thank you all for the so many ways you contribute to God's service.

Finance News

Thank you for shopping at Kroger. This quarter Bethel UMC received $100.97 from the Kroger Community rewards Program of charitable giving. If you shop at Kroger and have


Simply encourage your members to register online at:
krogercommunityrewards.comnot signed up on the website and need help doing so, please contact Lynn Valentine.

What Happens to My Money?
I place my tithes or offering in the collection plate, this ensures it gets to the right place. If I am unable to attend ser-vices one week, I mail my check to the church. After services, the "money counters", a very trustworthy selected group of church members, tally everything up. This includes my donation to the youth spring retreat into the designated account. What is the difference between the General Fund account and the Designated Fund account? I'm glad I asked.

If I give money and want it to be designated just for "tables and chairs" for the fellowship hall or just for "Abigail's Pantry", I must note this on the memo line of my check to ensure it is not used for something else. This donation goes into the Designated Account. If I have no particular designation this week for my money then my money goes to the General Fund account to pay the day to day operating expenses of Bethel such as the utility bills, salaries, and the mortgage.

Ok, back to my money. The financial secretaries, Ann, Linda and Sandy, double check all the figures of all the giving's and enter these numbers into the LOGOS computer. This is how I get my giving credit (for the IRS). Remember even though I tithe or donate to Bethel, because God told me to, I even get to count it off my taxes to Uncle Sam. If you don't know who Uncle Sam is, that's another story for later. The financial secretaries get all the data into the computer and print a deposit of all the funds and where they are to be deposited, according to what I wrote on my check. Then they take the money to the bank, under armed guard, of course.

Ok, now Doreen, the treasurer, who NEVER touches anyone's money, comes in to spend the money, "pay the bills". She enters the subtotals into the correct accounts computer using a program called Quick Books. This program keeps everything coming in and going out into balance. The bills are paid and the checks are printed. Remember Bethel has 2 checking accounts, the General Fund & the Designated Fund. So if your money is to be separated, whenever possible, write separate checks. Now Linda comes back in and signs the checks so we can mail them.

With all these folks touching my money or not touching my "actual" money, I can be assured that it goes where it is supposed to go.

Now I bought some office supplies for the office last week because I heard that the giving's were low and we needed paper to mail out the newsletter to the shut-ins. I know they don't have the money to pay me back; can I get a giving credit for my taxes for that? Yes, I can. All I have to do is place the receipt in an envelope, note what the money is for on the receipt and write "giving credit" on the outside of the envelope. I place the envelope in the offering plate and it goes directly to Linda on Monday for her to note my giving credit in her computer.

Isn't it good to know that I can do what God has told me to do by giving my first fruits and Uncle Sam might give me some of it back? God is GOOD!!!

Bible Study Oppotunities - Combination Online and In Class

Joe Everidge completed a class at http://www.beadisciple.com/ that makes it possible for him to offer an exciting opportunity to you. He is now certified to be an on-line facilitator for the 12 classes below. So if, for example, a Sunday School class wanted to take the class Simply Christian, each member could go online at their convenience and complete the daily work. Joe would be the facilitator to keep the online portion running smoothly. Then during Sunday School, the class could discuss what they had learned during the week.

Journey Through the Psalms
Bible Study
Wesley Ministry Network

In God's Time: The Bible and the Future
Bible Study
Wesley Ministry Network

Bible Study

A Life Worthy of the Gospel
Bible Study
Wesley Ministry Network

He Set His Face to Jerusalem: A Lenten Study for Adults

The Christ-Centered Woman
Personal Growth

Simply Christian
Wesley Ministry Network

Women Speak of God
Wesley Ministry Network

Holy Communion: Celebrating God With Us

Devotion to Jesus: The Divinity of Christ in Earliest Christianity
Wesley Ministry Network

Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth
Wesley Ministry Network

Serious Answers to Hard Questions
Wesley Ministry Network

Classes can be set up to include people from other churches if that is what you want. Joe Everidge


Giving/Serving Opportunity
Team up with others at Bethel and take advantage of opportunities to help schools and children in our community! Pick-up a few extra school supplies items for our school supplies drive! We'll be collecting to provide needed items for kids who wouldn't be prepared to start the school year otherwise at Austin Road and Fairview.

Pick up some kid friendly food items for our Back Pack Buddies ministry. Cut the box tops for education from your grocery items and hand to a parent or child who is attending church to add to their class collection. Those little pieces of cardboard help the schools purchase much needed equipment for classrooms!

We are seeking volunteers to help staff the nursery for the 8:30a.m. and 11:00a.m. services. If you can help, please contact Sheila Ricks.

We also need volunteers to usher at both services. If you can help, please contact Jock Baine.

Thank you, Don Horton, our newest volunteer with the Bethel UMC media technology crew. We are seeking more volunteers to assist with this ministry at the 8:30 and 11:00 services. If you are interested, please contact Pat Deloney by phone at 404.275.8547 or by email at pdeloney@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.

We have a few openings if you know someone who would like to be a family that is unloading, sorting, and taking home about 3000 pounds of food each month. We're making sure that 79 people including 23 children and 18 seniors have their basic food needs met. Thank you to all who have supported the co-op with your time and donations!

We always need additional volunteers to pick up food on the 1st and 3rd Thursday morning of each month. You need to have access to a vehicle with a hitch; we'll provide the trailer. Please email the church office at office@bethel-umc.com if you'd like to learn more.

If you'd like to learn more about how God uses food co-ops, watch this 6 minute video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX1ZAx9QOc0.

Do you have a UPromise account? What is that? It is a way to get FREE money for a child's education making purchases that you will be making already. Go to www.upromise.com for more information. You'll see there are literally hundreds of spon-sors listed to help you get free money through this program to give toward a child's education. Yours or someone else's! Sign up with any frequent shopper card (ie: Kroger, Walgreens etc) and a portion of your purchases goes into an account for the child you designate. When it is time for the child you are sponsoring to go away to college you simply transfer the money into a 501c account to help pay for their education. You can get mama, your sister, your aunt, your friends at church, at work, virtually everyone you know to register their card and save even more for that child. Check out all the cool sites to purchase from. There are restaurants as well. We all go out to eat and buy grocer-ies so take advantage of this free money for the good of a child!

Publix Partners - Murphy Harpst

Murphy-Harpst provides a safe and nurturing envi-ronment where severely abused and neglected children can thrive and heal toward a goal of re-engaging with society and leading productive lives.

An agency of the United Methodist Church, Murphy-Harpst is an independent not-for-profit organi-zation committed to meeting the needs of abused and neglected young people through residential treatment, placements in specialized foster care, and community programs that serve at-risk children and their families. Services are available to all children regardless of sex, race, color, or creed, and whose needs can be addressed and treated within the scope of program services. Most of the children who arrive at Murphy-Harpst are in temporary cus-tody of the state as a result of being from abusive living situations. They come from across the State of Georgia. Approximately 50 percent in residential care are from the metropolitan Atlanta area. Many have been in numerous placements in foster care before coming to Murphy-Harpst.

How can you help? Murphy-Harpst has become a "Publix Partner". There are small tags in the Nar-thex that you can attach to your key chain. Any time you go to Publix, have them swipe your tag. For every $15.00 you spend at Publix, Murphy-Harpst gets 10 cents. It doesn't cost you anything, but Murphy-Harpst gets "free money".

You can find out more about Murphy-Harpst at http://www.murphyharpst.org/ and more about the Publix Partners program at http://corporate.publix.com/community/corporate-campaigns/publix-partners#


The Audio/Visual ministry is looking for people who want to learn how to run the sound board or the lyric projection system. Most of the duties are during the 8:30 service but, there are occasions when A/V elements are needed during the 11:00 service as well. If you would like more information about the A/V ministry, send an email to Randy Godwin (randy@bethel-umc.com) or leave a message at 770-954-0198.

Women and Men's Ministries

We encourage all the ladies and men of the church to consider getting involved this year in one of our two United Methodist Women (UMW) Circles and our Men's Ministry. These small groups allow for some great fellowship, meaningful service in missions, and an expansion of spiritual growth among women.

There are many opportunities for men and women to meet together. This group is a chance for women to gather and discuss mission possibilities and grow with each other. And, as any of these women will tell you, they also have a whole lot of fun in the process!

Something for every woman and man in the church... United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men Ministries are about missions and creating strong Christ-centered relationships among the men and women of the United Methodist Church, and strong relationships with others involved with or benefiting from missions. Come and see what we're all about. 

(UMW) JOY Circle Meeting – Dec. 14, 7pm
Normally you would join our UMW meeting in the Fellowship Hall. Bring a dish to share and we'll have a time of fellowship while eating, then discuss various projects. And of course expect an overabundance of joy! However, for DECEMBER, we celebrate Christmas together by bringing small items to create shoeboxes for our shut-ins and those who are experiencing longer term illnesses that keep them away from church.

United Methodist Men – Dec. 24, 7am
Normally, cooking starts at 7am, breakfast at 8am. All men are welcome and invited to join us on the third Saturday each month for breakfast and join in with the projects we take on and conquer! However, for DECEMBER, we meet on Christmas Eve morning, 7am, to prepare meals for our COB families and serve as hands and feet of Christ to our community.

Lunch Bunch
Ladies, please join us! We meet at the church around 11:00 am every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. You are welcome to come eat and fellowship with us!

Do you enjoy working with children? Are you looking for a way to serve? Then become part of an exciting year for our Children’s Ministry.

Please contact Valerie Blackburn if you would like to help at blackburn7893@comcast.net

9:45 Sunday School
11:00 Children's Church – after the Children's message in the 11:00 Worship Service. Please note the first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday and we do not have Children's Church, so that the children may be a part of the Communion service with their family. Also, please note that the children will be in church to enjoy the Christmas Cantata this year.

The Sunday School teachers of Bethel UMC look forward to your children and other children in your life coming to weekly Sunday School from 9:45AM-10:45AM in the children's ministry room in the Chapel. Sunday School is for ages 4-11.

"While it is critical that we give kids a firm foundation in doctrine and the Bible, a saving knowledge constitutes both head and heart knowledge of Jesus. Yes, we must transfer a certain amount of requisite knowledge to kids in order for them to understand God's story and His plan in human history; we must point them towards a heart knowledge of Jesus and encourage a relationship with Him." – Paraphrased from: http://ministry-to-children.com/20-non-negotiable-principles-forevangelizing-kids/#sthash.UnLzs4sJ.dpuf

With that said, it takes MANY adults to work with children at church in order to encourage their developing relationship with Christ. Volunteers are needed for Sunday School classes, children's church, and Wednesday evening kids program. Help to shape a positive view of what it is to be a Christian by assisting with Children's Ministry.

"If we want to implant faith beyond our church doors into the homes and hearts of our families, we must involve our entire community in the carrying and sharing of the Good News to our little ones." Nicole Vandermeulen

Why Sunday School?

Here are 5 of the 10 reasons to BRING your child to Sunday School, according to www.ministry-for-children.com

  1. Praying Teachers: Our staff and volunteers consistently pray for your child's faith to grow. Coming to Sunday School gives another occasion for God to answer those requests.
  2. Big Reward For a Small Investment: If you're already coming to church, just come a little earlier. That one change will equal over 800 hours of additional Christian teaching before your child graduates.
  3. Send the Right Message: Making Sunday School a priority shows your kids that God's Word really does matter more than bedtime.
  4. Adult Bible Fellowship: While the children enjoy their class, you can fellowship with other adults in your own Bible study group.
  5. You'll Be On Time: Families who come to Sunday School always get to worship on time. It's the easiest way to avoid being late.

So BRING your children, grandchildren, neighbors to Sunday School at 9:45am in the chapel. We are serious about preparing our children to be disciples of Jesus!

YOUTH - Get connected by getting on the youth email list and plugging in to the great opportunities for fun and growth. Email Lahronda Youth Minister and get on the list!grow

We can always use adult help! If you would be interested in learning about the opportunities and the ways you can help please contact Lahronda Little or by phone at 770-474-2570. Also if you know of any youth (middle school through high school), please inform them of our events and also send Justin their contact information so he will be able to contact them.

All of our events make great opportunities to invite friends to and bring new people in so we can grow our group. My hope is that each of you will bring someone with you to all our youth events. If you have any questions, or to sign up for any of our events, please contact me by email or by phone at 770-474-2570.

SUNDAY NIGHT WORSHIP XPRESS (follows the school schedule)!
Sundays, 5-7pm, including dinner

Upcoming Youth Activity Dates:
December 4th - Youth Group 5 - 7pm
December 11th - Youth Group 5 - 7pm
December 18th - Bethel Youth Christmas Bash
December 25th - No Youth Group (Merry Christmas)
December 31st - No Youth Group (Happy New Year)


Keeping in Touch…We want to keep in touch with all of you!  If you are away pursuing knowledge at a college campus, please email us (Pam Gay) your new address and contact information!

Calling all college students!  Your Bethel family will be lifting up special prayers for you during "back to school" time. Please send and email  to  stgpsg@bellsouth.net keeping us updated with your email address, snail mail address, and phone number so we can communicate this school year. We also want to pray specifically for divine intervention as you find yourself in struggling situations. We'll look forward to seeing you in worship as often as possible!

Watch the newsletter and/or the Bethel & Beyond Facebook Page for updates for more activities to come.

Adults...Do you have a heart for encouraging college students? If you'd like to be a part of this outreach & support program, please contact Pam Gay at 770-474-5472 or by email

How Can You Help? Where Can You Help?

Sign up to be a Communion Steward
We are looking for people to volunteer to be communion stewards. This would entail being available to serve communion during worship services and also being available to take and serve communion to our home bound members. Those preparing the communion elements will continue as normal. Contact the church office for more information about this 770-474-2570 or email.

Abigail's Pantry Item Requests
Last month we were able to help 78 people. This month 36 families with a total of 172 family members have been helped with food. Please keep these families in your prayers. Below is a list of food items that Abigail’s Pantry tends to run low on. If you can pick up an item or two from this list periodically, we will stay stocked and ready for God to touch our community.

Food items: Peanut butter, Canned meat, Hot & cold cereals, Hearty soups, Canned or dry milk, Jellies or jams
Pasta sauce, Pasta (spaghetti & macaroni), Canned fruits & vegetables, "Add water only" baking mixes, Rice, Dried peas & beans, Salt & Pepper, Coffee, Tea Bags
Non-food items that we are frequently asked for: Shampoo
Conditioner, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Lotion, Hand sanitizer, Toilet paper
(When donating hygiene items, please remember that we need full-size products; most of our pantry visitors have more than one person in their households, and sample sizes do not suffice.)
Any monetary donations are used for emergency bills and for buying gift certificates from C&D Grocers for fresh vegetables (they partner with us to provide generously to those in need with the gift certificate program).

Remember WHO we are? Workers Helping Others
We did a few home repairs, some yard work, painted a porch railing and ran a couple of errands for a few members of our Bethel Family last year. Could there be any projects around your house not getting done for one reason or another? Would you like for WHO to tackle them for you? Let us know. If there is enough interest, we will be posting instructions on how to sign up in the near future. For more information, contact Harold Moore or Mary Ann Hill.

Nursery Team Volunteer Openings
The Nursery Ministry needs you. We have two teams each Sunday. The first team is there from 8:30 until 10:30 and the second team is there from 10:30 until the end of the 11am service. We rotate so that you can attend one of the church services. If you are willing to volunteer for this vital service to the church, please contact the church office. We will try to work with what you time you are willing to volunteer.

Help Us Grow Our Kids on Sunday Nights and other Children's Programming at Bethel

Three ways you can help this ministry grow:
1) Talk to Pastor Candy Thacker about being on a "Go Beyond" Sunday evening leader team and/or dinner team
2) Talk to Pastor Candy Thacker about being on a Sunday Morning Children's Church team.
3) Talk to Sheila Ricks about being on a Sunday Morning Nursery Team.

Stephen Ministry

How can you access a Stephen Minister? What will a Stephen Minister do, or not do? Folks are always a little uncertain about what all Stephen MInistry means to the church, congregation, and community. Watch this great short video about Stephen Ministry. You can both access a Stephen Minister or become a Stephen Minister. Maybe you've been led in this direction — or you know you need someone to stand by you — watch and see what it's all about. And please pass this along to others who might be in need of a Stephen MInister. If you find yourself or someone close to you needing a Stephen Minister, or are interested in exploring Stephen Ministry, please call the church office at 770-474-2570 for more information.

What is your passion and what are you doing with it?

From a recent Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) devotion:
From now on if you listen obediently to the commandments that I am commanding you today, love God, your God, and serve him with everything you have within you, he'll take charge of sending the rain at the right time .... Deuteronomy 11:13-14 (MSG)

Aim instead for "the better life" — serving God in a way that expresses your heart. Figure out what you love to do — that which God gave you a heart for — and then do it for his glory!

Do you have certain things that are passionate to you? Things you love to do? Activities you love to take part in or do on your own? God gives each of us individual passions, talents, gifts...things that really make our hearts beat faster and stronger. Do you realize He may also want you to exercise that passion in ministry? Whether it is a hobby, a natural talent, something you do for a living, or just something that others have commented that you do well — consider using that passion for God's Kingdom. There are obvious and much less obvious needs in ministry... and you are a stroke of paint in the big picture. If you have a passion and you'd like to explore how to exercise it, contact Clyde, Kellie, Pam, Alan, or Diane and tell us about it. Let's see if we can help get you plugged into a ministry that God has that is just waiting to happen!

Why Church is important to You?
(from Purpose Driven Life) ...God's purposes for his church are identical to his five purposes for you. Worship helps you focus on God; fellowship helps you face life's problems; discipleship helps fortify your faith; ministry helps find your talents; power helps fulfill your mission. There is nothing else on earth like the church!

The Bible says we are put together, joined together, built together, members together, heirs together, fitted together, and held together and will be caught up together. (1 Corinthians 12:12; Ephesians 2:21, 22; 3:6; 4:16; Colossians 2:19; 1 Thessalonians 4:17)

Community Events, Updates:

Recycle Your Scrap Metal and Get Cash Back
The Church and Society ministry wants to make sure you are aware that you can recycle your scrap metal at Stockbridge Recycling Center on 23/42 just south of Highway 138. And get cash back too! You can take cleaned tin cans after your meal preparations, aluminum beverage cans, old car parts, old metal bed frames, brass fixtures left over from a renovation, or just scraps of metal you have no use for. They will pay for steel, aluminum, brass, copper, in addition to batteries and such. So clean out your garage and take unused and scrap metal to be reused and made back into something new again, saving earth's resources and dumps and making space at home! For questions call them at (770) 474-2621 or MapQuest the address:
3451 N. Henry Blvd. in Stockbridge

Where do I recycle other stuff? Find out at earth911.com!
The Church and Society ministry wants to make sure you know about earth911.com, an online guide to local resources includ-ing recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how to help protect the environment. You type in the item you want to recycle, along with your zip code, and resources and centers are listed, starting with closest proximity. Take a minute also to click on the interesting articles.

Recycle Greeting Cards: Recycle your Christmas cards next year as gift tags, or resend the front only as postcards. Repurpose your gift wrap for covering storage boxes. Find new uses for worn out decorations. Here's a link with some helpful suggestions:

Cards for St. Jude Children’s Hospital (not just Christmas): St Jude's Ranch for Children accepts card fronts (Christmas, Birthday, etc) for their recycled card program. They take them and make new cards to sell to raise money. So, this year, please save your Christmas cards!

Card Donating Tips:

  • All types of greeting cards, including Christmas are used.
  • Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the back side is clear of any writing, etc.)
  • We can not accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards.
  • 5" x 7" size or smaller is preferred.

Mail donations to:
St. Jude's Ranch for Children
Recycled Card Program
100 St. Jude's Street
Boulder City, NV 89005

More information on the program can be found at www.stjudesranch.org/help_card.php.
You can also purchase cards - www.stjudesranch.org/store.

Friend's House Collection

For several years now our congregation has supported Friends House. Save up your coins for the 3rd Sunday of each month. The Friends House Home will come around to collect your change. See below for more info about Friends House.

A Friend’s House is dedicated to meeting the emotional and physical needs of children in crisis.  Services such as counseling, medical treatment, academic assistance and recreational opportunities are available for the children.  Please join us in our effort to improve the lives of these special children.  Please visit the other pages on our website detailing volunteer opportunities or giving opportunities.
Thank you for your interest in A Friend’s House.

Donations Accepted Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 pm  a wish list is listed on their website www.afriendshouse.org/friends-house/about-us.html

Is it Candy or Medicine?
Please use this poster to help your kids learn what is poison to them and what is really candy. The similarities are startling.

Recycle Tips - With nearly 73,000 households throwing away an average of 16.8 pounds of waste per day in a community with no landfill of its own, it is critical that we begin doing more to reduce our waste and protect our environment. Henry County’s New Curbside Recycling Program is a giant step in the right direction. Beginning June 1, all waste haulers must offer curbside recycling for homeowners in unincorporated Henry County.

For details on a specific hauler, green tips, or other helpful information, please visit www.co.henry.ga.us/Green

Ongoing Clothing Donations Made Easy - Nspire in Atlanta has a ongoing way for you to easily schedule clothing and other items for donations. They will pick it up depending on when you are ready. And they will also send email reminders to you to remember to schedule a pickup. What could be easier!! Just visit http://clothingpickupatl.com/.


Prayer Requests

Virtual Bookstores

Bethel United Methodist Church  |  245 Fairview Rd  |  Stockbridge, GA 30281  |  770-474-2570